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Animated Book Covers Slideshow

Feature your school library’s brand new books or a specific genre collection with this Animated Book Covers display. The display is made on Google Slides – yes, Google Slides. It is a slideshow with preset animations on each book cover.

The steps are listed below and includes a template.

Step 1: Create a new Google Slides file. Set your background to White.

Step 2: Create a list of the books you want to display on your Animated Book Covers slideshow. You can type them in a list on Google Docs, or any list-maker method you prefer.

Step 3: Create a folder on your desktop labeled “book covers”. Then, you are going to go

Step 4: Go to and search for a book on your list. Right-click on the bookcover image and save it to your desktop folder labeled “book covers”. Repeat this step for every book cover you need to save. Once you have saved all the book covers to your folder, we are going to start inserting them into the slideshow.

Step 5: The Animating Book Covers slideshow is set-up with 2 rows and 5 columns. You are going to start inserting your book cover photos and arranging them in 2 rows and 5 columns. All book covers have to be resized to the same height and location. They need to be consistent and match each other. Once the books are perfectly resized and aligned correctly, we are going to start adding the animations to them.

Step 6: Now you are going to animate each book cover in a zigzag pattern. If you click on the first book cover labeled #1, you are going to add an animation to it by clicking on the Insert menu and choosing Animate. The Animation window will pop up on the right of the screen. The animation you want to choose is “Fade In – After Previous”. Now, choose the book labeled #2, click on Insert, choose Animation, and then set it to “Fade In – After Previous”. You are going to do this for all 10 books. There is only one change to the animation that you are going to make. The change occurs on your 6th book. Instead of choosing the animation “After Previous” – you will choose “With Previous”. This change in animation adds less choppiness to the animation, giving it a more smoother flow.

Please take note of the animations listed on the right-side of the Google Slides slideshow. You must follow this exactly as it is shown to have a beautiful, flowing animated book display.

If you do not want to build the Animating Book Covers Slideshow from the directions listed above, please feel free to download the Animating Book Covers Slideshow template below.

You will be prompted to “Make a Copy” of the slideshow so that it will save to your Google Drive (you must be signed into your Google account to download and save the slideshow).

Once you access to the slideshow, all you have to do is right-click on each book image on each slide and then choose Replace image. You will then select Choose an image to upload and then upload the book cover(s) from your desktop folder of saved book covers. All the animations and slide transitions are already timed for your convenience.

If you do decide to use the Animated Book Covers Slideshow for your website, I ask that you give me credit for it – Krista Welz. Enjoy!

Download the template here

Written by Krista Welz, North Bergen High School

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  1. Christina

    05 Mar 2018 - 1:07 pm

    For transitions to each slide of new books if you have more than one slide of new books, is there a way to turn of the click to transition in google slides?

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