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    Tami Junkermeier

    I am currently teaching abroad at ACI/SEV School in Izmir, Turkey. We just hosted our annual Library Week for K-8 students and received a great response! We decorated our library doors with a cityscape and mini super hero capes. Students entered the library through a cityscape hanging from ceiling, two sides, with super heroes flying though the air (part of a game). We also did a “song and dance” announcement for Monday morning assembly, dressed up as super heroes with popular music. Monday was Book Character Day, teachers and students dressed as their favorite book character. (Librarians dressed as super heroes, of course.) We had a “Guess the Book Character Game”, students identified 24 book characters. Tuesday was Puppet Show Day. During lunch periods students came to the library to watch a fairy tale puppet show. Wednesday was Pajama Day. All students and staff dressed in pajamas and came to the library to hear books, (Awesome Man) read aloud by administrators. Thursday was Disco Day. Yes, we actually have a disco ball in our library! :) Students came during lunch time to dance in the library. Friday was Movie Day. Students came to the library to watch books-made-into-movies and ate popcorn. Each day we also had a Mystery Reader during morning announcements. Students guessed who was reading, really fun when teachers changed their voices.:) We also had raffles each day, students won small book related prizes. During breaks students came to the library to participate in centers: Made a super hero registration card, made power cuffs (toilet paper rolls), made a super hero mask, tried the super hero obstacle course (wrapped boxes in brown paper, stacked up and knocked down with their super power, crawled through hula hoops with “fire”, tossed beanbags at nemesis), designed super hero cape (Dav Pilkey web page) and had their super hero photo taken flying through the air. This actually looks really cool … Lay a big sky-colored sheet on the floor, add cottony clouds, add boxes wrapped up like buildings (i.e. library building), student wears a red cape and lays on the sheet in super hero position. Photo is taken as high as you can get standing on ladder looking down. It really does look like a super hero is flying through the air. Staff really had fun photos! This school has an in-house caterer so we ordered Library Week cookies for snacks (decorated with super hero) and we had a Library Week cake after school for staff. We also made exclamation signs (super hero style – Bam!, Pow! …) teachers could hold to have their photo taken. At our weekly Friday all-school-assembly we watched, The Girl Who Hated Books (YouTube), watched a fun iMovie a teacher created for us as super heroes and teachers shared their favorite book as a child. I have a packet with activities, signage and photos if interested. I would love to it share with you, just send me an email, tami.laugh@gmail.com.

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    Tracy Moritz

    Sounds like a great week… Thanks for idea.

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