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    Diana Teel

    I recently took over the library and have transformed it into a true learning center. In my library there are robots to code, legos and blocks to build and create with, a creation station with perler or melty beads, duct tape, and crafts. There is a stop motion animation station to create your own videos using clay or the stick figures. A discover table to discover more about circuits. A 3D printer to build and hold your creations. A computer to take apart and put back together. A virtual reality station to explore the world. A game corner to play with a friend and work on strategizing.

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    Tina Paczek

    Our library is a busy place with space for reading, teaching, and technology use. We have creative displays to help draw readers in. We work hard to involve ourselves in projects throughout the school by providing research and technology resources. We are attempting to create and learn to effectively manage a makerspace for our students.

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    Susan Hefley

    My Learning Commons is a dynamic and thriving thing. It is more than just the amazing space, the library and computer lab, the makerspace. It truly is the heart and soul of the school. With a full-time certified media resource specialist, with a completely flexible schedule, and a full-time assistant we are able to serve teachers and students beyond the walls of our space. We go to them, they come to us, sometimes we meet digitally. We are blessed to have the technology we need and want for not only everyday lessons, but creative STEM and Makerspace initiatives.

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    Sharon Hart

    I have a partically flexible schedule, around 22 laptops for student use, our focus has changed to collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. We are partically BYOD and I have begun to purchase and use many game type centers for students to display their creativity and to collaborate with each other. I have been trained in PBL and will be co-facilitating my first unit next month, we also purchased some flexible seating and movable tables for the media center.

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    Kristen Martin

    We are a new school library. This is our 3rd year in a newly built elementary school. However, I had to merge to elementary libraries into this one. Our collection was massive but now I’ve been focused on weeding it to a manageable size for our small space. The library is on a hybrid flexible and fixed schedule with K-2 on a fixed schedule of 30 minute lessons that meet once a cycle and 3rd-5th grade on a flexible schedule. 3rd-5th visit the library once a cycle for a book checkout and then team with me on lessons outside of that time. The library is a busy and creative space with Makerspaces for students to explore and create when they visit.

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