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    Shawna Lincicome

    The librarian is a leader in change and model’s the 4C’s in instruction, professional development, and practice. The librarian is no longer the stern gatekeeper of information, but the enthusiastic side-kick who learns alongside the constituency while modeling research skills, information literacy, technology literacy skills, and the love of reading and learning.

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    LaDawna Harrington

    We are teaching the “phygital” generation. A generation that has never lived without wifi. This generation has blurred lines between their physical space and the digital world (thus “phygital”). This presents opportunities to go where they are, to ride in their pocket. It also gives us pause to think about our physical spaces as we bring to our students the need for “soft skills” that include things like self management and self confidence, and people skills like communication and networking. Teaching in the phygital world we must include social and emotional well-being into our practice. Space is redefined for this generation and 21st century learning is about ownership, ideas, curation, and questions. One of my students said it best, “I can Google all I want and ask any question, but that doesn’t really matter if I don’t know the right question to ask.” Teacher librarians are positioned to ride with students as they question and allow them to curate their findings into rich learning to share out to others. Ownership is transformational and a powerful thing. Information is not made to be stock piled, rather to build deep knowledge that is begging to be shared. Students want and need to have a voice and the librarian is positioned to make that happen as they reach beyond their own four walls and transform their spaces and their practice.

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    Gwen McCluney

    As librarians today, we need to constantly strive to stay abreast of the changes in technology and teach what is new and relevant to our students as well as digital responsibility. They need to know how to use technology and how to use it responsibly and wisely. In doing so, we teach them to love learning new things but in a way that is not just turning them loose to do as they wish without regard to others.

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    Karen Sullivan

    Librarians are keepers, evaluators, curators of information. We help people learn and hopefully want to learn. Librarians are all encompassing in creating thinkers, whether encouraging reading, to using software and applications to better communicate in a global society and makerspaces which deploy creativity and experimentation as a learning method. We grow to fit the needs of our communities and are often the forerunners for the engagement of thinkers!

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    Elizabeth Zdrodowski

    The role of a library media specialist has changed dramatically over the years and it has required us to not only continue as the literacy leaders on our campuses, but transform our libraries into the hubs of our schools with technology, collaboration, project-based learning, digital citizenship lessons, making, gaming, school-wide events, and professional development. And yet, in spite of these diverse demands, most of us are still the catalyst on each of our campuses who work tirelessly to create a lifelong love of reading in our students!

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