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Getting Ready for Future Ready! Part 3

John Carver reports that The Alliance for Education Excellence is in partnership with the USDE and has been doing the heavy “lifting” on Future Ready

The bottom line: A FREE online diagnostic has been been developed. It is a very good self-reflection, diagnostic tool based on seven themes:

1. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

2. Use of Time

3. Technology, Network, and hardware

4. Data and Privacy

5. Community Partnership

6. Professional Learning

7. Budget and Resources

A diagnostic report is generated after taking the assessment.fr_librarians_graphic

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John Carver

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  1. Ann Morgester

    21 Oct 2016 - 12:08 pm

    Question – Is the tool currently available is it still to be published? I wasn’t able to find it on Future Ready, Future Ready Librarians, or the Alliance site. Thanks

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