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How Can I Change Anything When I’m Overwhelmed by Everything?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? You want to get started. You have so many great ideas but you never take the first step. You’ve stumbled onto the right place.  I am pleased to introduce you to Just One Thing.  It is my hope that I will be able to inspire, prod, influence, push – you get the point – you into taking that first step.  You can’t begin to transform anything until you start.

Just One Thing will hopefully help.  I am a teacher librarian. I live in the multitasking, ever-changing, fast-paced world of an elementary school library. I am also the Lead Media Specialist for my district so that brings with it a whole different set of challenges.

Seventeen BISD librarians just returned from the Texas Library Association conference in Houston, Texas. LeVar Burton, Al Roker, and Dave Pilkey offered inspiration for the library profession.

With over 200 additional speakers and 300 programs to choose from, BISD librarians returned rejuvenated and ready to make changes in our libraries and programs. Makerspaces, reading programs, innovative technologies and BOOKS are just some of the new things presented at this conference. Unfortunately one thing I heard over and over was – “It’s just too much!”  They were all inspired but OVERWHELMED!

So my advice – do “Just One Thing”

True transformation,  that sticks, that causes a stir, creates an impact, and makes a difference can’t happen if you only do it part way because you are trying to spread yourself too thin. You feel you need to be and do EVERYTHING. So you end up doing a little bit of a lot of things but they never stick and eventually you go back to the way things were – familiar, easy, dependable.  But true transformation never happens.

Transforming Your Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Symbaloo, Snap Chat, Smore… How many more ways can we connect?  Should you be on them all? What if someone only has Twitter, but I am on Facebook? How will I reach them? Do you IFTTT? Do you even know what that is?  Now which one lets me share on multiple sites????

AHHHHHHHHHHHH – ready to go running back to the copy machine to print off the flier and take it to each teacher to pass out?

STOP!  Breathe and remember – JUST ONE THING!

It’s ok to allow yourself to start with only one social media site.  Once you get the hang of that one and you see how it will transform your presence to your community, your stakeholders and your students you can try to add another one.  But for now – JUST ONE THING!!

If you need some help, tips and tricks for starting your transformation on social media for your school library, be on the lookout for the new Toolbox on the Mackin Transform Your School Library site at www.mackintysl.com.

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