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Introducing the Mackin TYSL Advocates

Over at TYSL, we have a special group that I would love to introduce all of you too. They are the TYSL Advocates!

I am proud to be a TYSL Advocate, especially to be part of this wonderful group with dozens of my library and education friends, colleagues and mentors.

You can find all of us on the Mackin TYSL Advocate page.


You will find a way to connect with all of us through Twitter or through @MackinTYSL on Twitter, Instagram and our Mackin TYSL Facebook page.

We would love to hear your stories and questions about library transformation.


And if you haven’t joined the TYSL Movement, please do here.

The definition of the library is evolving. It is up to all of you to be the change.

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Shannon Miller

Teacher Librarian Advocate


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