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Transformation is How You Are Changing the Status Quo

What is transformation? Exactly what are we trying to do? What is a transformed library ? How do we know if transformation is happening? These are heady and heavy questions.

Transformation is changing the status quo. It’s a makeover, meaning you changed something — anything. It can be as simple as getting rid of overdue fines, or allowing kindergarten and first graders to check out books. When a new librarian takes over the library and changes the bulletin board, the library begins to reflect who she is and her goals for the library, and that’s the beginning of transformation.

It is getting a resource used that no one was using before. Perhaps your book displays by genre encouraged students to check out books they didn’t know you had. Perhaps you painted a wall, or put up curtains, or put out signage so students and teachers noticed the library in a different way. Or perhaps you totally renovated your library. Each of these physical transformations emphasize that the library is now a new space with a new approach to teaching and learning.

And, how can we measure effectiveness? It could be any of the following: more students engaged in the library, more teachers utilizing the resources, an increased campus budget for the library.

The ultimate goal of transformation is student achievement! Increasing the usage of current resources leads to better results, which leads to others appreciating the resources and needing more resources, which leads to increased funding, which leads to even better results.

When you can show how the library impacts student achievement then EVERYONE will buy in!

The steps are many and varied. With TYSL, we hope to provide a forum for everyone to share what works, so you can choose what works for you. Join the Movement!

Join the TYSL Movement!

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