Using Invention Literacy for a Research-Based Makerspace Project

By Colleen Graves

Last spring I really wanted to work with a teacher on a maker-focused research project in my library makerspace. After completing one project that turned out okay, but wasn’t really what I envisioned, I watched this video where Jay Silver defines the term Invention Literacy. I immediately loved this concept because it perfectly describes what I’ve been attempting to do in my library makerspace since May of 2013. After writing lessons for Makey Makey last year, I realized that I went through the ultimate training on Invention Literacy. I wanted to share that journey with you to help you become invention literate as an educator. April Feranda and I would love for your students to become invention literate. Therefore, we are putting this out there for you to hack and personalize and make your own. Please read all original posts here:

  • Post One– Introducing the Concept
  • Post Two– Researching, Tinkering Studio, and Spin Turntable
  • Post Three – Sharing, Guest appearance by Jay Silver, Reflection

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