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What Common Core and OER Mean to You

1) My Favorite Research Sites

UnboundED offers more than 5,000 free, high-quality standards-aligned resources for the classroom. Users can choose between either ELA and Math and then select the grade level. They can select their lesson, download it, adapt and reshare it. Each lesson plan is completely descriptive and thorough. Educators can also search for specific lesson plans.

BetterLesson contains a wealth of Common Core Math, ELA and Nex Gen Science lesson plans. Users can choose their grade level and filter by standards. Each standard contains approximately over one hundred lesson plans that educators can download and use with their students. Educators can also search for specific lesson plans. Educators will enjoy BetterLesson’s visual user-interface when searching and filtering results.

OpenED contains hundreds of formative assessments, homework assignments, videos, and lesson plans where educators can filter by grade level, standard areas, and subjects. Teachers can choose assignments or assessments and create an OpenED roster of their students. They can then assign and post to Google Classroom, where students can login and interact with their assignment. Teachers can view their students’ progress and grades. OpenED offers PARCC-like exercises and assessments.

Krista Welz’s complete list of Common Core Open Educational Websites

2) What Common Core and OER Mean to You: How to Introduce to Teachers

Common Core open educational resources can save educators remarkable time and effort on lesson, exercise and formative assessment development. Additionally, open sharing of resources has the prospective to spark collaboration amongst educators, educate and encourage the remixing of available materials, and aid in the dissemination of instructional methodologies. Teachers should be provided with a list of open educational resources that include Common Core standards and shown how to search, filter, choose, download, and assign to students in a blended environment.

3) What Common Core and OER Mean to You: Introducing OER sites to Students within the Curriculum

Teachers should download OER curriculums, lesson plans, and assessments and keep them in a collection, such as an online shared folder such as Google Drive. Students can take full advantage of OER when teachers assign interactive exercises and assessments through Google Classroom or other learning management systems.

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